Optimizing Social Media Graphics for Improved Engagement

One of the biggest challenges faced by social media marketers is coming up with new creative ideas to be more engaging with the audience. If your goal is to promote your brand, you need to catch your audience’s attention. You can’t stick to having plain text on your pages.

Trends in social media change from time to time. Today, visual content is the most engaging type of content--photos, infographics, GIFs, and videos. People are more likely to consume information visually.

Statistics show that colored visuals increase people’s willingness to read a piece of content by 80%. Content with relevant images gets 94% more views than content without relevant images.

Here are a few do’s and don’ts on how to optimize social media graphics and better improve your engagement:


Do size your graphics across all social media platforms. Don’t cut your images.

Every social media platform has an ideal dimensions for graphics. Creating separate images for each platform can be time-consuming. A great way to optimize your graphics to work across your platforms is creating one with the same dimension that will fit all platforms. The ideal size is 560 x 292 pixels with 40-pixel buffer on each side and a 10-pixel buffer on the bottom

Do use clean and modern fonts. Don’t use too many fonts in one design.

You don’t want to overwhelm your audience with those fancy fonts. Make sure your readers can easily read your content or they might lose interest!


Call-to-action can increase your post's’ engagement. By simply asking your audience to like, comment or share your post, you can start a conversation with them.


Take time to choose your theme. Creating a coherent theme for your graphics marks your brand’s identity. Be careful not to mix colors that do not go together. They can be irritating to the eye!


Be careful with getting images from google. You might get sued! Remember Copyright Fair Use? Although some photos that pop up in your Google image search can be free, most of them are not in great quality. Use stock images instead. Here are some websites that offer high quality free images:


Social media is fun! It wouldn’t be more fun without GIFs. This format conveys your message to your audience easily. Try to include GIFs on your content every now and often and see how well it will do.


What do you think? Are there other strategies you use to improve engagement through your social media graphics? Share your thoughts!


Creating Engaging Tweets with Only 140 Characters

The social media sphere—where even mundane moments are shared with the world. Social media is seen by marketers as a promising platform on which to build brand awareness. We know that social media can work for us, but it requires a good amount of creativity and resourcefulness to make the most out of the various social media platforms.

Take Twitter for example. Twitter defines itself as “a service for [people] to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent messages.” These quick, frequent messages posted on one’s profile known as “tweets” stays true to its definition as they must only be composed of up to 140-characters.

In the last week of May this year, Twitter notified people with something about this limitation. The succeeding months ushered in a set of changes that enabled people to say more more with 140 characters. Prashant Sridharan, Senior Director of Developer and Platform Relations at Twitter, noted that they are making some tweaks in the way “attachments work on Twitter” so that display elements are no longer counted in the 140-character allowance. How we rejoiced since this meant more room for words!

People often find the 140-character rule too limiting and it holds back a huge chunk of what we want to say.. The update on Twitter’s 140-character count brought a whole lot of space for creativity in regards to how we relay our message. Here are a few tips to maximize 140 characters to create engaging tweets:


Less is More

We might complain that a 140 character count is too limiting. But, have we forgotten that less words have more impact? After all, people are used to just quickly scrolling through posts in the feed. Studies found that tweets under 100 characters get higher engagements and this makes tweets easier to retweet, leaving room for people to add in their own thoughts. Keep your tweets short and simple.


Tweet with Images and Videos

We must know by now that tweets with visuals tend to get more engagements compared tweets without visuals. It can be easier to post only text but if engagement is what you want, tweets with visuals and  videos will surely click. Start promoting your brand using relevant images, compelling graphics and interesting videos. Be creative!


Share Interesting Links

People often get interested in information and stories shared around social media. Create conversations. It is not necessarily all about your brand. In fact, always tweeting all about yourself is a turn-off. Try to keep it at a minimum and do more with topics that draw in attention and tick with the interests of your target audience.


Use Hashtags

Hashtagging is probably the most efficient means of categorizing content in social media. Did you know that using hashtags really well can be the way for your tweets to be discovered? Hashtags allow people to connect with others based on common interests by finding similar tweets. However, data shows that tweets with more than 2 hashtags can drop engagements. So, here’s a tip: limit yourself to using 1-2 hashtags in your tweets. One or two relevant hashtag will do wonders!


Time Matters

When you tweet also matters. As studies show, always keep in mind that Twitter users are “active during 11-12 hours of daytime in your audience’s time zone.” So, try to prioritize your tweets during daytime (between 8am and 7pm). Don’t skip Saturdays and Sundays. Daytime tweet engagements are higher in weekends than during weekdays.


Share Something of Value to your Audience

Give out free e-books, offer free webinars, or even just a good ol’ advice. If you want to, you can create fun by giving free products through contests or free  giveaways of your brand. When people find content to be helpful to them, they will be more likely to share it and talk about it.


Pushing your brand starts with engagement strategies. The tips and tricks above are just few of the many ways you can create engaging tweets even with only 140-characters. What truly matters is the quality of your content. Twitter is just the platform. How you wield your creativity and resourcefulness is up to you! You can always use the platform wisely and effectively regardless of the limitations. You can still say more in using less. 

Did you find these tips and tricks helpful? What about you? How do you maximize Twitter’s character limitation? Share it with us!

2016 Social Media Graphic Design Trends

In August 2012 Instagram surpassed Twitter for daily active mobile users and photos on Facebook generated 53% more likes than the average post. Nowadays, graphics have become the trend to communicate to other people. Before, people wrote blogs with long texts. Then, this gradually shifted to microblogs and then multimedia microblogs. We emotionally connect with images more than with video, audio or text. People tend to decide quickly and take action when prompted with images rather than with only text.

With any piece of content, we have to think where we want people to go and what we want them to do. A great way to start is to help and inspire people. Content that is shareable and relevant to the community. Timely and appropriate content with breaking news, events or celebrations is always good content. Think about incorporating good content with the power of good imagery to double shareability and effectiveness.

This year, social media graphic trends have shifted. This means that what can be pleasing to the eyes last year may not be quite as appealing this year. It’s important to note that outdated design might compromise the potential of good content. How do you stay in the game of flashing graphic content? It’s simple: always keep track and experiment with the new design trends.

Here are the social media graphic design trends you should be working with:


The New Flat Design

Flat design is influenced by minimalism. It has a clean, colorful look, white space and subtle gradients. This trend has a great power in visual language that creates high usability and fast loading times. It’s also good with mixing hand drawn artwork or typography which makes the trend versatile and flexible. It started as a completely flat style, and has been updated adding depth, light and shadow, as well as motion.

Familiar with the Monument Valley game app? It’s perfect working example of flat design.


Typography with Attitude

This year, Typography trends ushered in dramatic and creative fonts. Putting bold, serif and san-serif letters could make a playful and colorful outcome that catches the attention of people.

Glyphs app is a good tool with which to start creating playful typography designs.


Whimsical Illustrations

Whimsical or hand drawn illustrations is now a trend not just for kids but also for everyone else in the digital marketing world. More explorations in sketchy lines and brushstrokes led to a broader range of illustration styles and use.

Don’t you love Dropbox’s playful home page? It’s a great example for whimsical illustration that injects a bit of fun in a something potentially boring as an cloud storage site.


Minimalist Logotypes

As for logos, flat design, negative space, kinetic logos and crisp mono lines are the trends this year. These days, function has somehow become more important than style. Minimalist logos has it for simplicity, flexibility, clarity and boldness without compromising space for creativity.

Here are some minimalist logos we gathered for you:


Geometric Shapes

What’s great about geometric shapes is that it makes strong visual identity. Not only that, it has also been more common in web design due to low-bandwidth consumptions in comparison to heavy photos that takes a long time to download.

Here’s a collection we found of geometric design in all its glory.

Working with current social media graphic design trends can help you catch people’s attention and direct them to explore your brand further. Modern times call for marketing your brand with compelling visuals than with long texts. Graphic design in itself is a busy and dynamic thing and you don’t want to be left out.

To start, we advise you to try to stick to one graphic design first to have a consistent theme then gradually add bits of new things to surprise your audience and get them excited with your new updates.

If you need help to create awesome visuals for social media, Amplify can help. Click here to learn how.