2016 Social Media Graphic Design Trends

In August 2012 Instagram surpassed Twitter for daily active mobile users and photos on Facebook generated 53% more likes than the average post. Nowadays, graphics have become the trend to communicate to other people. Before, people wrote blogs with long texts. Then, this gradually shifted to microblogs and then multimedia microblogs. We emotionally connect with images more than with video, audio or text. People tend to decide quickly and take action when prompted with images rather than with only text.

With any piece of content, we have to think where we want people to go and what we want them to do. A great way to start is to help and inspire people. Content that is shareable and relevant to the community. Timely and appropriate content with breaking news, events or celebrations is always good content. Think about incorporating good content with the power of good imagery to double shareability and effectiveness.

This year, social media graphic trends have shifted. This means that what can be pleasing to the eyes last year may not be quite as appealing this year. It’s important to note that outdated design might compromise the potential of good content. How do you stay in the game of flashing graphic content? It’s simple: always keep track and experiment with the new design trends.

Here are the social media graphic design trends you should be working with:


The New Flat Design

Flat design is influenced by minimalism. It has a clean, colorful look, white space and subtle gradients. This trend has a great power in visual language that creates high usability and fast loading times. It’s also good with mixing hand drawn artwork or typography which makes the trend versatile and flexible. It started as a completely flat style, and has been updated adding depth, light and shadow, as well as motion.

Familiar with the Monument Valley game app? It’s perfect working example of flat design.


Typography with Attitude

This year, Typography trends ushered in dramatic and creative fonts. Putting bold, serif and san-serif letters could make a playful and colorful outcome that catches the attention of people.

Glyphs app is a good tool with which to start creating playful typography designs.


Whimsical Illustrations

Whimsical or hand drawn illustrations is now a trend not just for kids but also for everyone else in the digital marketing world. More explorations in sketchy lines and brushstrokes led to a broader range of illustration styles and use.

Don’t you love Dropbox’s playful home page? It’s a great example for whimsical illustration that injects a bit of fun in a something potentially boring as an cloud storage site.


Minimalist Logotypes

As for logos, flat design, negative space, kinetic logos and crisp mono lines are the trends this year. These days, function has somehow become more important than style. Minimalist logos has it for simplicity, flexibility, clarity and boldness without compromising space for creativity.

Here are some minimalist logos we gathered for you:


Geometric Shapes

What’s great about geometric shapes is that it makes strong visual identity. Not only that, it has also been more common in web design due to low-bandwidth consumptions in comparison to heavy photos that takes a long time to download.

Here’s a collection we found of geometric design in all its glory.

Working with current social media graphic design trends can help you catch people’s attention and direct them to explore your brand further. Modern times call for marketing your brand with compelling visuals than with long texts. Graphic design in itself is a busy and dynamic thing and you don’t want to be left out.

To start, we advise you to try to stick to one graphic design first to have a consistent theme then gradually add bits of new things to surprise your audience and get them excited with your new updates.

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