Helpful Resources for Great Royalty Free Images


Who says design needs to be complicated? Certainly, it doesn’t!

New trends in web, graphics and UI design,teach us to be minimal and straight-to-the-point. One of these trends is the use of large fascinating good-quality images. A single image, placed behind a short thought-packed text, can speak a great deal more than lengthy paragraphs or arrays of buttons.

Achieving this is not a problem to those who have their own photos ready to be used at their disposal. How about for those among us who aren’t photographers ourselves? For us who don’t have that portfolio of photos we can use for free?

Don’t worry there is a solution!! Some sites provide images for a price but there is also a great number of free resources for the beautiful images we need:



Unsplash releases new photos every 10 days under creative commons public domain license. With this, we can pretty much use everything in it for websites, social media graphics, blogs, commercial graphics/articles, etc.



Gratisography releases awesome photos by Ryan McGuire weekly. Photos range from animals, nature, objects, people, urban life and even whimsical photos. Great thing all photos can be used without copyright restrictions!


Negative Space

Most photos in Negative Space are released under CC0 which means that images can be used without copyright restrictions. Some photos in the site are tagged as ‘premium’--no biggie since it only asks for a price we would heartily give (half of it will go to charity!)

With thousands of beautiful free stock images available, we can never go away empty-handed with The handy search box on top of the page helps us find what we are looking. And if we ever need instant graphics to post on social media, a single click on the side of the page leads us to Snappa: an easy-to-use online photo-editing tool for our graphics needs.



While other sites release photos weekly, Picjumbo releases photos daily! No wonder it has a HUGE collection of free-stocks we can use at our disposal.


New Old Stock

New Old Stock is an interesting collection of vintage photos available for personal non-commercial use (see Flickr Commons Rights and Usage Terms). New Old Stock did the job of bringing together these fascinating vintage photos from public archives for our easy walk-through.



Pexels brings together the best stock photos in one place. It releases 10 new high-quality photos daily. Photos are hand-picked from uploads by users and sourced from other sites--all available for use with no copyright restrictions!



Photos from Splitshire are free for personal and commercial use. Captivating photos of people and urban life are added everyday!


Little Visuals

Little Visuals haven’t had any more uploads for over a year but the stocks are surely captivating ones we can use in our websites. Photos were by site owner Nic, who unfortunately passed away last year. His family keeps up the site in hopes of gathering donations for Hand on Heart Charity.


Life of Pix

Photos in Life of Pix are handmade and wholeheartedly donated to public domain by Leeroy Advertising Agency in Montreal. The site updates weekly and the photos are free for personal commercial use.




These are only 10 of several resources for royalty-free images! The web is just waiting to be probed and it should not be difficult to find what we are looking for.

Resourcefulness and perseverance are creativity’s good friends. With these together, artists like us can do more and well in web, graphics, UI design and in so much more!