How A Pastor Built An Audience of 148,000 using Amplify Social Media

One thing is for sure--- building a big audience doesn’t happen overnight. After all, anything worth doing takes time.  But what really makes the break is a simple recipe of dedication mixed with the right people and with the aid of the latest technology.

For a Pastor like Nils Smith, time is of the essence. Balancing work ,ministry, and family life isn’t as easy as it looks.

Nils got started with Twitter in 2006. He quickly learned the ins and outs and started connecting with people all over the world. He also learned that the more people he followed, the more people followed him back. Doing this he slowly but surely grew his Twitter audience to about 5,000.

This made him think of a strategy of how people could start following the right people intentionally in order to get back followers who were genuine and interested in what they had to say. But while he knew this grow strategy, he didn’t have time to do manually do it by himself.

His next step? Hire a virtual assistant and scour for the right technology. Now, the number of followers he has have been increasing by the day--- genuine followers that really engage with his Tweets.

And with that in mind, he came to build Amplify Social Media from a small team and it just keeps getting bigger, helping lots of people who want to reach more people but lack the time the process takes of growing their Twitter audience.

But what’s really exciting about Amplify is not the number of followers you have but rather what Nils has quoted the, “impact that the account is having!”

One more follower means one more person you are impacting in the the world, one tweet at a time.

What more if you have thousands and thousands of followers? What are you waiting for? Sign up for Amplify today! You can do a FREE trial for 7 days by clicking here.