Snapchat Tricks You Want To Know

You really wonder why people are always on their phones these days. One of the reasons why is the Snapchat app! If you’re one of them, get ready to be hooked on these hacks that might make your addiction worse.


Bigger emoji characters.

If you want to make your emoji big, type the one that you want to use and hit the T symbol on the upper right corner. Use two of your fingers to zoom in and out.


Switching camera while filming.

If you want your friends to be on your camera during snaps without the hassle of turning your phone around, finally you can swap the point of view (POV) using the rear or front camera.


See the viewers of your snaps.

Curious about who watches your snaps? On your story you’ll see an eyeball with a number next to it. Tap on that eyeball and you’ll get a list of your followers’ names who watched it.


Watching snaps without holding them.

You don’t need to hold down a snap to watch it. You can just tap it with you finger.


Use real-time video chatting.

You can call your snapchat friends for a video call - just don’t take your finger off the screen.