Twitter Video Tips and Tricks

Wanting to upload a video on Twitter and share it with friends, family, and your followers but don’t know how? Here are some steps that will help you when uploading videos from the web:

1.) Log in to your Twitter account

2.) Once you’re logged in, it’ll lead you to a page similar to the one below:

3.) Now, click on the camera icon in the What’s Happening status bar.

Or you can also click on the What’s happening status bar and you’ll find yourself facing this kind of interface.

4.) When you click on the camera icon, it will eventually lead you to a screen that will let you find the file in your computer. Example below:

Once you found the video file or picture, just click on the Open button. Same thing applies if you choose to select the camera icon with the media label beside it.

So simple, isn’t it?

Well, it doesn’t end there quite yet. How about on your phone? Twitter is a very mobile application. Here’s how to upload a video to Twitter on your phone:

1.) Open your Twitter App:

2.) Tap on the icon that has a feather pen besides the search icon.

3.) It will then lead you to a screen similar to this:


At this point, you can select any picture/video that is on your mobile device to upload. You can also take a video or picture right there by tapping on the camera icon on the first tile.

You only have 30 seconds to capture your video. But no worries, in this short amount of time, you can choose the important parts and keep your audience engaged.  

Also! Twitter allows you to record separate scenes and edit the footage with a simple drag and drop style.

 (picture credits: Sarah Quinn, 2015)

Now that you’ve learned the basics, here are some tips and tricks for your next video upload!

1.) Respond to Tweets with video

Be different! Instead of a normal tweet, why not reply a video tweet instead. This way, it feels like you’re really interacting with your followers personally.

2.) Share Real-Time Events

By sharing real-time events through Twitter Video, you’re offering more interactivity by involving your followers in the event.

3.) Promote and Educate

Share contents other than your own. A bonus if it subtly involves your brand. This can be both useful and fun to your audience. Always remember that people respond well to visuals!

4.) Ask for User-Generated Content

Ask users to upload their own videos. Of course, if you’re hosting your own event or contest that lets them share their own videos, make sure to give them a unique hashtag to boost your brand awareness and help you to easily track these videos.

5.) Measure the response

Measure the response of your videos and see what people like!