Using Twitter Search


Do you want to search for specifics Tweets, users or ongoing conversations about breaking news? Or search for latest updates on your favorite Hollywood stars? Or what is trending in your personal interests? Twitter Search can help you! A handy tool in Twitter in which you can search things using topic keywords or hashtags.

Here’s the steps on using Twitter Search when searching from the web:

  1. Log-in to your Twitter account.

  2. At the top of the page, is a search box, type your desired search query there. If you want to search Tweets mentioning a user, search their username, preceded by the @ symbol.

  1. A combination of tweets, photos, accounts, etc., will be shown as results.

2. You can filter the results by clicking one of the options located below your search query (Top, Live, Accounts, Photos, or Videos).


3. Click the More Options to see more choices on filtering your results. You can choose whether to see results From Everyone or From People You Follow, and From Everywhere or Near You.


4. Under More Options, you can also choose to embed your Twitter Searches (Embed this Search).


When using Twitter from your iPhone or Android, using Twitter Search is a bit different than using it from the web. Here’s how:

1. You tap the magnifying glass icon.

2. Enter in the search box your desired search query and tap Search.

3. Everything related to your search query will be shown as results consisting people, Tweets, News, and more.

4. You can choose between Top Tweets or All Tweets at the top of your search results.

5. You can refine your results according to Everything, Photos, Videos, News and People using the icon (illustrated below) in the search bar of your Twitter app.


6. You can also filter the results either from All people or just People You Follow, and either from Everywhere or Near You.


Tip: Clicking a hashtag in someone’s Tweet will perform a search for Tweets that contains that exact hashtag.

Now, you can easily find latest trends and updates on your favorite things. Enjoy using Twitter Search!