How To Link On Instagram

Instagram is an effective tool for social media marketing. Instagram is not just a place for photo sharing. If you want to drive traffic on a link of an image, video, or a blog, you can share it on Instagram.

One of its limitation though is that it does not let you drop active links in your posts. But there’s another easy way for you to get your links working. You can simply add your link to your profile.

Learn how to get the most of Instagram for your brand with this hack.

Step 1

Launch the Instagram app on your mobile and log into your account.

Step 2

Tap “Edit Your Profile.” Then, tap the “Website” field.

Step 3

Type the link in the “Website” field. Scroll down and tap the “Save” button at the bottom of the page.

The link will then immediately appear on your profile.

Now, you got a live link working on your profile.

Next time you upload your posts with links, make sure to add call-to-action to your captions that will direct your audience to click the link in your profile.

For instance:

“Want to learn simple hacks for Instagram social marketing? Check out my blog post for today. Click the link in my profile.