Twitter Do's and Dont's

137,000 tweets are being sent out every minute. Understand that these tweets are on the Internet forever. Well, unless you decide to delete them of course. But even if you do delete them, that doesn’t change the fact that there are already some people who’ve seen it and read it.

Here are some good Do’s and Don’ts for tweeting:



1. Use humor. People like a good laugh only of course when it is used appropriately.

2. When sharing content, use catchy titles that will showcase and make them click on the link.

3. Use a maximum of 3 hashtags in a tweet and more than that is too much and looks messy.

4. Shorten links if you’re sharing links to allow for more character space.

5. Respond to your followers.  People don’t like to be ignored.

6. Encourage discussions. Followers like to see real stuff than routinized content.

7. Follow normal grammar and spelling rules. It’s easier for people to read and understand. It’s okay to abbreviate but don’t deviate too much from normal spelling and grammar rules.

8. Share your views on the latest news, in an appropriate way. It adds value to your content.



1. Don’t spread negativity. Drama isn’t the way you want to gain growth.

2. Don’t automate messages and content. People can tell if they’re following a robot or not.

3. Don’t ignore your followers! They’re following you for a reason. Give them a reason to stay.

4. Don’t go tweeting about everything. Make sure your content is of value.