How to Find Your Hidden Facebook Messages

Fun Fact: Facebook has two inboxes for messages – one for your social circle of friends and the other is for friends of friends and for spam messages.

For messages from people who are on your friend list or that Facebook thinks you know, these messages will be sent directly to your regular inbox with a Message Request, thus giving you the option of ignoring or accepting them.

Then there is the other inbox. These are messages that are “hidden” from you, messages that Facebook filters because it thinks they may be spam messages or people trying to solicit you.

Here are simple steps to follow to find and view your “hidden” other inbox in Facebook:


When using the Web

Step 1. Find your “Other” Inbox

Open your Facebook account in your browser. On the left side of your Newsfeed, just below your name and profile image, click Messages.



Step 2. Select the “More” Option

Step 1 leads you to your main Facebook inbox, but if you look closely, just next to the Recent selected “inbox”, there’s a greyed-out Message Requests where messages from someone you might know are received.


Next to it is the More drop-down menu which, when selected, prompts you with three options. Select Filtered.

Your messages that have been “hidden” will now be shown.

In addition, you can select whatever action you want to take for your messages by opening a message and clicking the Gear Icon which is commonly known as the “settings” just above on the right side and select from it.

You can moved the message from the filtered/hidden inbox to the main inbox or just delete them.


When using Facebook Messenger

Step 1. Launch your Phone’s Facebook Messenger App.

Step 2. Find the “Settings/Gear” Icon on the Bottom-right Corner. There are instances that it’s a “Me” button – tap on it.

Step 3. Choose the People option and tap on Message Requests.

Step 4. Tap the blue link that says, “See Filtered Requests” under any unread message requests. Your messages that have been “hidden” will now be shown.


Simple, right? Hiding or filtering messages may be one of Facebook’s way of saving us the hassle of receiving “unnecessary” messages. But remember, that even though most of the messages that have been “hidden/filtered” by Facebook may be spam, chances are, there are a few messages that may be relevant and important. So, make sure to check your “other inbox” from time to time. Now, go digging in your “other inbox” and share to us how many “hidden/filtered” messages you find!

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