Tricks to Get More Likes on Instagram

You know that feeling when you get a lot of likes on your Instagram posts? We love that feeling too!

Now, you might be wondering how some of your photos got so much attention. Here are some simple tricks on how to get more likes on Instagram.


1. Theme up your profile

If you check out some popular instagram accounts, you’ll notice that they follow a certain theme. May it be using the same filter for every photo, or having a specific object (e.g. nature, food) to share.

If you want to make your Instagram interesting, it’s time to step up and think of a theme. Through this your feed will look more organized and create a greater chance of gaining more followers and likes.


2. Spice up your caption with #hashtag

Hashtags are used to categorize your posts through keywords. This helps you get discovered by other users and will likely get you more likes.

The more hashtag you use, the more the engagement.

Make sure to use appropriate hashtags. Keep in mind that using broad hashtags (i.e. #dog, #love) will easily get your post buried. Better to be specific with your hashtags!


3. Share awesome content

The key to getting more likes is to share photos of what people want to see. Consider Instagram as your art gallery where you share photos of high quality. Learn the angles when taking a photo and learn how to tweak your photos to get a better output.

Here are just few tips to get you started:

Tip#1: If you take a photo with some blue tones on it, have that tone stand out. One study suggested that photos that have blue colors receive more likes than those with red-and-orange tinted photos.

Tip#2: Remember, not to over edit your selfies. You want to look great, not fake!

Tip#3: Tone that filter down to create a more natural look. Make sure your pictures aren’t oversaturated and fake looking, people like the real deal.

4. Engage With Your Followers

Take some time to respond to your followers comments and thank them for liking your post. It’s always good to let them know how much you appreciate them.

Moreover, check out other accounts and like their posts.


5. Know When To Post

You may have captured an awesome photo or applied the best filter there is, still you won’t get enough likes if only a few get to see it. So be sure to post your photo at the right time!

How do you know if it’s the right time to post? Learn when your audience is online.

Instagram users are engaged throughout the week, most especially on Mondays and Thursdays. Research shows that the best time to post on Instagram is when your audience opens their Instagram accounts. Usually this happens when going off to work/school, or going home, or at late night. Generally, the best time to post is at 8-9am, 5pm and 2am. Avoid posting during work/school hours, especially 3-4pm. If you’re posting for videos, it is recommended to have it posted by 9pm.

If posting during these times is not working for you, there’s another tool we recommend for you to use -- IconoSquare. This helps you figure out which times are the best for you to post depending on your follower’s engagement.