Free Social Media Graphic Tools for Non-Designers

Are you using graphics in your social media posts? If not, you better be!

Visuals tell stories better than texts do. People would prefer following a page with graphics—plain or quote images—than a page full of simple text.

Almost 3 billion people are active on social media. If you’re starting a brand with hopes of expanding your reach, the number one task at hand is ramping up your social media campaign.

How? It’s simple! Create interesting and engaging social media graphics.  

Is it necessary to hire a graphic designer for this? If you’re on a tight budget but have enough time to spare to create graphics on your own—you don’t need to. It may seem that non-designers are at a disadvantage in a world full of flashing graphic content. Good thing there are some great social media graphic tools available to help out!

Here are 5 of the best social media graphic tools we recommend to help you create compelling designs:


1. Canva

Canva emerges as one of the most impressive tools for graphic designing. This tool is basically drop-and-drag. You choose the size according to the platform you’re making graphics for. Each platform has different social media graphic templates with easy-to-edit text.

From the menu, you can search for images, purchase stock photos, add effects to your photo, and customize the theme to match your brand.

It also features a page where you can get design inspiration from other Canva users and a tutorial page that informs you of the trends of graphic designing.

Note that Canva’s free version is limited with what you can accomplish with it. If you’re willing to invest in their paid version—the “Canva for Work” plan ($10/month)—you can access more features such as creating branded templates, resizing designs for cross-platform use, and sharing them among your team.


2. Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark just launched early this year. As their motto states, this free tool is made to turn ideas into impactful social graphics, web stories and animated videos. With Adobe Spark, you can do all that and more in just a few minutes!

Like any other graphic tool, this platform lets you resize your canvas according to social platforms, choose a theme, upload and filter photos and add easy-to-edit texts.

What makes Adobe Spark stand out is how it randomly creates a designed layout for you. Simply navigate their “magic wheel” as seen on the design board and you’ll get countless design ideas.


3. Studio

Studio is a mobile application available for Iphone and Android users. If you wish to play more on texts, you have to try this!

Unlike other social media graphic tools, this platform features pre-made text designs you can use. You can choose from a variety of cool fonts too.


4. Pixlr

Another robust desktop graphic tool is Pixlr. This platform has two tools—Pixlr Editor and Pixlr Express—with different features for each one.

Pixlr Editor is pretty similar to Photoshop when it comes to its interface. It lets you work in layers, transform objects, and more from your browser. Pixlr Express focuses more on photo editing, much like Adobe Lightroom.

You can work on your design offline by downloading the desktop app or online by installing Pixlr as a Chrome Extension making this tool that much more useful!


5. QuotesCover

If you want to create a quick and simple quote graphic, QuotesCover has got it all figured out for you. This tool lets you create graphic in a snap!

If you run out of quotes to share, you don’t need to search for one all over the Internet. QuotesCover provides a pool of quotes to choose from. It will then automatically create a layout for you. You can also choose the font and color combinations and insert and edit photos.  


Graphics have always been an essential part of content marketing. By integrating graphics to your content strategy, it will help your brand increase awareness and drive traffic to your social media platforms.

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Have you tried other social media graphic tools? Please share them by commenting below!