About Us


It is our passion to journey alongside organizations of all sizes including businesses, churches and non-profits to maximize social media to help them achieve their goals. 

Based on the latest google statistics there are about 1.6 billion active Facebook users, 316 million active Twitter users, and 300 million active Instagram users and growing. Whether you desire to engage these users as clients or simply have a message to communicate, there are limitless possibilities through social media and we want to help.  

Founded in 2010 by CEO, Nils Smith, we have been serving clients of all kinds helping utilize the latest social networks out there in the most strategic way possible.  While we have primarily focused on social media we have also helped clients in the area of web development, graphic design, live streaming, webinar management, mobile app development, tv app development, online advertising, and more.  While most of our systems are similar for all of our clients, we strive to customize every customer's experience to best fit their needs.  

You have probably heard that social media can help grow your business or organization, but you probably have no idea where and how to begin. Even if you do figure it out, the technology is likely to change again and you will go back to playing catch up. We want to help you maximize social media to amplify your message to better accomplish your organizational goals!